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Hopes. Dreams. Thoughts.
Everything looks perfect from far away.
I never update anymore... 
5th-Jun-2009 09:26 am
Umm....I really have nothing useful to say.

Went to Valrico this past week to visit Kriten, who will be my roommate next year at school. I missed her a lot. Then I went and saw Patrick for a bit on my way home. It was a nice week. :)

Working a lot still. Nothing's really changed in that area.

Got my brakes fixed, so now I won't die while driving or anything. Probably a good thing. lol

This week is already packed with crap to do. Work, staying with Kelly tonight, visiting Micheala and Billy Sunday...I haven't seen them in so long. :( Babysitting Tuesday, and Chris' birthday is thursday. Don't know if I'll actually see him on him birthday...depends on his plans I guess.

Oh! And of course Tues nights are Applebees karaokee with Lindsay and the girls, then Wed ladies night at the Ale House. Good times.

That's all I suppose. Time for work. -_-
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